I enjoy helping others. In doing so, I do research, gain knowledge of many things, and enjoy sharing my findings and opinions with others so they can better themselves as well.

If I post something that is useful and/or brings you new insights, then great. However, this site is still my personal website. The views expressed within it are mine and not those of my employer, clients and/ or family members (other then comments left by others).

Why am I stating this, you might ask? Because I want to ensure everyone knows that the postings are my personal opinions and findings. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of others and should not be taken as such. If I post something ridiculous, then that’s my own fault. In addition, I do not claim to be an expert on everything.

You may not agree with my opinions and what I post, but that’s what makes for interesting comments and conversations. I’m not looking to change anyone’s opinion; I’m just here to give you mine. If they bring you something new, then great. If not, then that’s fine too.